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Tony Bruno - America's Number 1 Sports Talk Radio Personality!

How does it feel when you awaken in the morning and hear my dulcet Barritone fly across your ears baby? That's big poppa ready to take your outrage to another level...

I have been to New York's Madison Square Garden and I have seen the very depths of the Playboy Mansion Grotto and strolled Hef's storied grounds; now I am here to enlighten you with the show that takes no prisoners.

This ain't no stinkin watered down part time I have twenty other jobs radio show....this is the show all other shows aspire to be but can never be... this ain't no scripted rant type show...this is straight from the heart hard core sports talk that will make you rich in your heart and your mind....and you can bet your genuine Chalky's Gold crusted beer mug on that Homie...

With my stone cold lead pipe locks you too will feel me....just call 1-888-441-Tony thats 1-888-441-Tony. I have my hand on the pulse of life and Pat O'Brien's love life baby....and I would bet my genuine pink Louisville Slugger on that.


So pick up your headphones, your cheese steaks and your Limoncello shots... then you'll be ready to experience this epic website and Sports Talk Radio that is 100 percent real! You feelin me now baby?

Tony Bruno

Oh yeah I hate the stinkin cowboys and CBS's dirty low down NON-HD NFL telecasts... ITS AN OUTRAGE!

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